AI·Chemy Clock

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Keywords: AI generation, Anthropocene, Geologic layer

An installation fusing AI imagery with Electromagnetic Fluid portrays the declining availability of rare earth elements in the AI era, representing a new geological layer.

Material: Videos, Magnetic Powder, Electromagnet, Oleic Acid,Gravel
Finish Time: 2023 Interdisciplinary 
Fields: AI LLM, Geology, Physics
Tools: Electromagnet, Arduino, Chat GPT, Mid Journey
“AI-Chemy" is an art installation hopes to combine the images we generate in the future with the "AI-chemy clocks" we make to suggest the consequences of rare earth mining in the world of AI, and the ways in which humans can coexist with it. We propose "AI-chemy Clock", a geological AI-era that can reveal human activities (AI) and geological resources as a symbol of the passage and transfer of time and space, and record a layer of geological AI-era covered with rare-earth ores in a monumental existence.

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