Keywords: Climate Interaction, Hyperobjects, Micro to Macro, 

Exploring Sahara Dust in Beijing: An Artistic Experiment Unveiling Climate Interconnections from Micro to Macro

Material: Synthesized material, 3D print, video, images
Finish Time: 2021.12
Interdisciplinary Fields: Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology
Tools:  Blender, 3D Print
Partners: Shuyi Fan, Ziyao Lin, Songnan Guo
"Hyper Dust - In Search of the Sahara" is an interdisciplinary art project illustrating the environmental impact of dust. It collaborates with atmospheric scientists to determine the optimal dust transport path monthly, constructs a relevant climate model, and identifies an "Ideal Route" from the Sahara to Beijing. This project combines art and climate science to underscore the environmental impact of dust and interconnectedness of all things, aiming to reshape public perceptions and encourage proactive environmental stewardship.

01  Micro Research Process - Dust  and Hyperobject

02  Macro Research Process - Look for climate Interaction

03  Building climate models with atmospheric scientists 

04  Collecting the Dust

05  Detecting the Dust

Dust detection, informed by scientific analysis, identified Saharan dust components, including biological remains (plankton, possible viruses, etc.) and minerals(silicates, carbonates, etc.), visualized through 3D modeling.  Material forms were visualized through 3D modeling. 'Hyper Dust' from the Sahara was conclusively identified, marking the completion of the science-based utopian art experiment."

06  Exhibition

Globally staging 'Searching for the Sahara,' we collect local dust for a themed exhibition. Unites citizens, artists, scientists, fostering collaboration and public education. Highlights macro climate issues in micro dust, enhancing awareness for sustainable development.

Exhibited in CAFA d School, 2021.12Exhibited in CAFA Museum 2023.4