The Unqualified Factory

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Keywords: Global Value Chain, Post Globalization Era, Speculative Design

Transformative imagery redefining perceptions of ecological consumption in the leather value chain.

Material: Synthenic material, Video, Images, Book
Finish Time: 2022
Interdisciplinary Fields: Anthropology, Sociology, Economics
The project conducts on-site research from farms to factories, exploring leather's intricate relationships—animal welfare, ecology, output, and trade. Centered on production, processing, and consumption, the exhibition symbolizes leather as a blue screen, critiquing and redefining. By visualizing hidden production, it prompts reflection on the contemporary life-material relationship, supply chains, and consumption.

"The Unqualified Factory" originates from Wenzhou's manufacturing industry, focusing on leather's value chain. Extensive field research involves over 10 factories, 20 interviews, and a month-long hands-on experience from cattle farms to tanneries. Centered on leather, it explores the intricate links between man, nature, and life, divided into production, processing, and consumption.

The leather factory becomes an exhibition space with an abstract blue screen tracing processing
Visualizing the concealed production chain, the work prompts reflection on the current relationship between life materials, industrial chains, and consumption.

The blue screen was sold, and transformed into a redefinable critical symbol
Documented in a video and a book, the mechanical process becomes a ritual, emphasizing the machine's constant "qualification" of leather.

Field Research

Pics of artist learning to make leather in the tannery myself