EcoVision Plan - SHENG  

Curatorial Assistant

Time: 2023.4.1 - 2023.5.1
Location:  CAFA Museum, China

The "Eco-Vsion Plan-Sheng" exhibition starts from the Chinese character "SHENG", whose original meaning in the oracle bone script is the sprouting of grass and trees, and which can been to connect the different scenes of life, ecology, living and production. The exhibition is composed of four sections, each with an ancient Chinese characters bearing the symbol: "CHAN", "SHENG" and "SHEN" and “QING”, and revolves around keyworkds such as Life Design, Hyperobjects, Synthetic Biomaterials, Posthuman, Third Nature, Ecological Capital, Responsive Environment, Climate Design, Resilience, etc. It involves 28 artists and designers from 15 countries and regions, including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Netherlands Museum of Architecture and Design, with 32 pieces of art and design projects of 45 species, in an attempt to explore the changes of "living", "habitat", "ecology" and "survival" through a brandnew perspective, so as to explore the visionary new opportunities behind the ecological crisis from the ecological context and cultural background of China, and to call for an international ecological dialogue across cultures, time and space, and fields.

The Vision of Food Series

Curatorial Assistant /  Co- Curator

The Vision of Food: Planetary Plan on Or Dining Table2022.09.16 - 2022.11.06

The Vision of Food: Third Nature at the Table
2023.09.24 - 2024.01.23

The Vision of Food: From field to table
2024.02.05 - 2024.05.05

Curatorial Assistant

Time: 2023.1.19 - 3.19

"Plateground" is a commercial creative exhibition project opened in Shanghai Xintiandi II shopping mall. As part of the Food Visionary Program "Plateground Consumption Design Driven Innovation", it is initiated by "NEDO Design Consulting Studio" and "The Bottle Project". "The bottle project is initiated by NEDO Design Consulting Studio and The Bottle Project, and supported by the Crisis and Ecological Design Program of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). Plateground" takes food as the core, and builds a small testing ground surrounded by air columns for mall visitors, leading them step by step into the "closed loop" of the "small food testing ground" through the topics of food socialization, identity, and eco-sustainability. Through the topics of food socialization, identity and ecological sustainability, the audience is guided step by step into the "closed loop" of the food testing ground to immerse themselves in the "monologue" of food, which tells the complex relationship behind the familiar food that is often overlooked. By asking questions to guide the viewer to the next step, the viewer makes choices based on their own understanding of food, and they will see different food design works in different orders.