Chain of Choices


Collaborator: WWF
Siyang Jing, Erlu Ni, Hongcai Lei, Xintian Gao,Runze Li
Keywords: Ocean Enhncement,Ocean Noise Pollution,Natural Resilience,
Speculative Design

A theatrical, interactive refrigerator installation housed in a vibrant shopping center designed to reveal the importance of consumer choice when purchasing seafood

Time :2023 
Size: 4m*4m*3m
Material: Mixed media (icebox, screen, etc.)
Delve into the vast seafood supply chain system that lies beneath the surface. Seemingly fresh and healthy seafood often hides a painful truth - the product is either "fake fresh" or obtained through environmentally unsustainable practices. The refrigerator is the link between the seafood and the consumer, representing the different stages of the seafood supply chain, transcending geographical barriers and enabling the transportation of seafood across the globe. The shrimp is the protagonist of the installation, from fishing and production to transportation and consumption, demonstrating the invisible network of consumer choice. The invisible network is visualized through the processing of both "temperature" and "transparency".

The color treatment of thermal imaging allows us to see the toxins and ecosystems that are invisible from an everyday perspective; transparency, on the other hand, becomes a metaphorical lens that lifts the veil of untraceability that shrouds the aquaculture chain. By using the refrigerator as a powerful symbol of the connection between seafood and the consumer, Chain of Choice breaks down conventional notions of what it means to be a refrigerator and highlights its critical role in our daily lives. It serves as a tangible reminder that every meal we prepare comes from a larger system, emphasizing the importance of understanding and considering the impact of our choices, embracing traceable seafood, and promoting the purchase of sustainable seafood with the MSC or ASC eco-label. A sustainable future, a sustainable sea life ecosystem, and the health of one's own diet are all determined by a thought and every small choice made in the moment.