Climate Digital Twin

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Keywords: Zooetics, Coexistence, Digital twin, Data Visualization

Zooetics: Lichen as a medium facilitates a dialogue between nature and technology in immersive art installation

Material: Bioplastic, 3D print,Images,Video,
Finish Time: 2021 Interdisciplinary 
Fields: Biology, Future Studies
Lichens, survivors of Earth's exploration post-Hiroshima, may pioneer planet migration, fostering 'human-nature coexistence.' Using TouchDesigner, I parameterized data graph relations, creating a numeric info chart where dots represent lichens and numbers symbolize human Earth impact. Changing relations mirror nature-human interplay, transitioning to an immersive 3D art installation. This piece, featured in locations like Chernobyl's Exclusion Zone, surrounding forests, and polluted urban parks, serves as a reminder that survival in our era doesn't solely rely on conquest and control.