The Eco-Vision Plan is an international network of research, design, and activism that explores the triadic relationship between people, nature, and technology through interdisciplinary encounters and provides initiatives and programs for life, the planet, and alternative futures in response to climate change and the environmental crisis. Initiated by Jing Siyang, the Eco-Vision Plan regularly invites designers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, policymakers, public interest organizations, and other industry leaders to serve as catalysts in the form of interviews, lectures, exhibitions, and projects to provide comprehensive media, tools, and solutions for times of crisis.
Zooming in our micro-level surroundings, dust is the most common but a rather invisible component. However, it carries a wealth of information from global ecology through atmospheric activity. Therefore, we started an art project called “Hyper-Dust”. Through working with atmospheric scientists and based on eco-philosophical research and scientifical modelling, we pictured the travel route of a dust in our “searching for the Sahara in Beijing”. 
We have joined a thematic exhibition to present what we learned from this dust, with additional forms of interdisciplinary exchanges and cooperation with the scientific community, public education activities. Overall, it could serve as a catalyst to bring together citizens, artists, scientists, universities and public welfare organizations, in order to build a global activity network that helps explore the multifaceted relationship about people, nature, science and technology.