Ocean · us

Siyangjing, Suyi Fan, Erlu Ni, Patrick Yang
Keywords: Ocean Enhncement,Ocean Noise Pollution,Natural Resilience,
Speculative Design

Echoes of Evolution - A future marine ecology, addressing marine noise pollution by creating 'sound creatures,' urging reflection on human impact on evolution.

Material: Synthesized material, 3D print, video, images
Finish Time: 2021.12
Interdisciplinary Fields: Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology
Tools:  Blender, 3D Print
Partners: Shuyi Fan, Ziyao Lin, Songnan Guo
In an age where environmental crises wane, the tranquil ocean becomes a cacophonous realm. Deep research into Sousa Chinensis foresees a future marine ecology. 'Echosphere - Echoes of Evolution' unfolds, depicting undersea noise birthing new 'sound creatures' that guide marine life from pollution, shaping an immersive 'Echosphere.' With an empathetic interactive exhibit, this artistic and critical experience, driven by shared emotions, reveals what Sousa Chinensis hears, unveiling the intricate dance between marine life and the evolving ocean soundscape. This evocative piece prompts profound reflection on humanity's role in shaping the delicate balance of environments.